First-Time Homebuyer Masterclass w/ Digital Planner

If you are currently renting and have made the decision to jump into home ownership, then you have come to the right place to learn how!

Owning Real Estate can be life changing. When done right, it can be the foundation for building wealth. Your money will grow over time in the form of equity, you will qualify for additional tax breaks not available to renters and you'll have the ability to leverage your home to acquire more properties in the future. 
This Masterclass covers the following: 
  • A homeowners mindset, auditing your financials and getting clear on your why
  • Types of loans available to you and the requirements of each
  • Down payment assistance programs & grants available in your State
  • The type of property to consider and how to locate and screen your Realtor
  • Submitting your offer and successfully getting to the closing table.

And much more!

As a bonus, you'll also have: 

  • Access to much needed web links such as a mortgage calculator, and a handyman or a contractor finder in your area.
  • A printable digital planner to help you plan your search and help you keep track of your financials. 
  • Lifetime access to the content shared with a simple sign in using your email.

This is very exciting! You are now making the move to fully prepare for your homebuying journey. Let's get started.

What People Are Saying:

Ms. Rosalyn you have been so kind and patient with helping me figure this whole thing out. Your network has helped me get to the finish line and I can't thank you enough.

Brianna P.

I took many of your courses and put the work in and finally closed on my 1st property back in February. I felt confident and ready with your teachings. I will be back for more advance courses soon. thk u.

Genie K.

I was part of your coaching group a few years back, and honestly life happened and I just lost all of the notes I took. I then quick signed up to another one of your webinars and I just put an offer on my first condo which got accepted last week. sending you lots of blessings for teaching the community.

Azram N.

This class was really a great start for me. I have a whole family of renters and I knew in my soul I had to own my own place one day. I feel so ready now..thank you.

Anita L.

$47.00 USD

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